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SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:00 – 9:50 AM


Ladies’ Class

The Gospel of John

Join the ladies of WPC as they study the Gospel of John for the next two quarters. Different from the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, John’s Gospel blend historical narrative with rich theological teaching. Join the ladies as they walk with Jesu through the Gospel of John.

Fellowship Hall

Adult Class

The “I Am” Statements of Jesus

Elder Charles Martin is going to help us to see the fullness of Jesus through the various “I Am” statements scattered through out the Gospels but especially in the Gospel of John. The “I Am” statements like no other, show us the richness of Jesus, His deity and His fulfillment of the Old Testament.


High School Seniors and College Age Students

Following Jesus in the “Real World”

The transition from High School to College and to full adulthood, can be a confusing time.  The choices that student will make in these crucial years will affect the rest of their lives. Sometime in all the business tradgicly our faith in Christ is neglected.  But what does it mean to follow Jesus in the “real world”?  This class will explore issues like, calling and career, walking with Jesus discipleship, healthy relationships, choice and godly discernment, and spiritual disciplines and their benefits. This class will be led by Pastor Adrian.

Foyer Classroom


The Lord


The Church


The World


The Fellowship