Women’s Ministry exists as a ministry to come alongside the elders as helpers to teach, unite and encourage women to be disciples of God’s Word. We seek to disciple women from middle-school age and up by teaching a Biblical perspective of womanhood and to nurture relationships by encouraging love and unity so that women may be a light to one another and to those around us for the glory of God.

We offer various discipleship opportunities which teach Biblical truth concerning womanhood. Our weekly Sunday School is the primary tool used to teach and nurture relationships between Women @ Westminster. The Women’s Ministry also oversees the Third Monday Studies and Fellowships, Mercy Meals, Shower Celebrations, “Meet & Greet” Receptions and Other Opportunities throughout the year.

A Women’s Ministry Leader is usually available to meet one on one with any woman in the church for mentoring and prayer.

All women are invited and encouraged to participate in order to unite our body of women to each other through our common bond of Jesus Christ and to bring Him honor.


A Sunday School class is offered to women high school age and up. We come together for the specific purpose of becoming better disciples by learning God’s Word together. Guests are always welcome.


Women @ Westminster church meet on the Third Monday of every month to study God’s Word, coupled with a time of discussion and prayer. A fun fellowship event is usually hosted every quarter. Guests are always welcome.


Other Opportunities occur throughout the year for Women @ Westminster to come together like: Seasonal Brunches, Special Speakers, Conferences and Retreats for Women.


The Women’s Ministry overseas the Mercy Meals to display love and care in honor of Christ and His call for is to be kind compassionate and gracious to one another by providing meals to those in need. (See Guidelines)

Both men and women are welcome to participate in providing meals. Please contact the church office for the Mercy Meals Coordinator’s contact information if you are aware of anyone in need of meals or if you would like to volunteer to help provide meals.


Celebrations @ Westminster exist to display love, care and kindness in another’s life in honor of Christ and His call for us to be united as a body and to love each other well for the sake of His Name. Celebrations are led by a team of women from the church. The purpose is to provide Showers and “Meet & Greet” Receptions (See Guidelines).

Please contact the church office for the Celebration Team Coordinator’s contact information if you are aware of anyone in need of a Celebration.


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