The Men’s Ministry at Westminster is a group of men, high school age and older, who are committed to helping each other:

  • Live Christ centered lives;
  • Deepen our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word; and
  • Apply scriptural understanding to the sin we each encounter.

Ministry events are open to all persons born male high school age or older.  Believers, non-believers, Christians, non-Christians – agnostic to gender identity, walk of life, ethnicity, and culture.

Saturday Morning Prayer and Learning


Saturday morning prayer group is the backbone of the Men’s Ministry. The focus of prayer time is two-fold: prayer, and applying scripture to what we experience in daily life.

Applying scripture to everyday life is a task. Men coming to prayer may have work or family situations causing frustration, anger, or pain. Frustrations can also come from what we experience in the world; from politics, to just driving down the highway. With each of these situations we try to answer: “What does scripture teach us about this?” Being sinners; when we’re angry, bitter, or frustrated, we don’t always seek scriptural assistance. That’s where the group steps in! We help each other put our life events into scriptural context. We don’t dodge difficult issues. We don’t dodge challenging scripture. Not all morning sessions are easy. Everyone, at one time or another, has been brought to realize how close their sinful lives are below the surface of their conversation. We help each other recognize those times, and use prayer to get through them.

On a typical Saturday, every decade of age group likely has participation from 20’s to 80’s. We learn from each other. We all lovingly recognize without the Lord we are nothing, and therefore, ALL we have to give to each other, comes from Him.

We’re a diverse group: Some life-long believers, some late-in-life believers, different occupations, and different journeys, one goal: more like Christ. Come join us.

Annual Retreat

Retreat venues change from year to year, but the emphasis of each remains the same: time to get away from the wants of the world to spend time with the Lord.

Occasional Events

The men’s ministry also sponsors events; some that are open to all and other’s just for the men.  These can include game nights (board games, washers, etc.), movie nights, and meals.  All are posted on the WPC calendar.


God’s Word


The Lord


His Glory